So... how does this work?

OK well here is the plan...

I need to bring in more clients and you need to make some extra bucks.

If you know of anyone, or meet anyone that needs a website, a logo, signage or any of the other services that I offer, send them my way and I'll pay you 30% of that job once it is completed.

So a basic 5 page website would go for around R4000, you would get 30% which is R1200 for you.


What I do need is for you to do these few things:

  1. Get the brief from the client, how many pages, what colours to use and any example of website that they like.

  2. I'll send a quotation

  3. I then require you to get all the information that is needed to complete the project. If its a 4 page website, I would need the logo, text, images and anything else that goes on the website for those pages. The quicker you get the info I require to complete the job, the quicker we can get paid.


I am looking for good honest people, I know you exist out there on this planet, and we can help each other out here.


Mail me on and lets work together!